The Story of Bao Boi

Bao Boi is a 200 year old, time travelling, interdimensional being from the planet P.R.O.C. He is 90% steam so Bao Buns get him going but Kimchi is the currency of P.R.O.C. and his Bao Beoir. Travelling through tears in the fabric of the universe in search of the ultimate Kimchi, protecting Bao Boi's Mamas ancient Kimchi recipe from his arch enemy Pho and his band of RA-men. 

Pho's evil master, the Goddess of the Underworld, Kimchi Adashian lounges around and instagramming while plotting to ascend to planet P.R.O.C. But her path of the surface is always constricted by Bill Bao Boa, the snake who guards the stairway between P.R.O.C. and the Underworld. Pho and his RA-men steal the kimchi recipe and try to get it to the Underworld, hoping its mystical powers can aid Kimchi Adashian to defeat Bill Bao Boa and ascend to rule P.R.O.C. But Bao Boi defeats Pho and his RA-men with steam powered punches.